Alumni - Oudtshoorn High School

Struisie Legend Alumni

Ons is trots om Hoërskool Oudtshoorn ons Alma Mater te noem! Ons wil graag kontak met u behou. Hier kan u registreer en u nuutste kontakbesonderhede opdateer. Sal dit nie wonderlik wees om gereeld die nuutste inligting van jou skool te ontvang nie?

Die Struisie Legend Alumni – ondersteunersklub tesame met die skool wil u graag van die nuutste projekte en nuus op hoogte hou. Ons kan slegs hierin slaag indien ons oor u nuutste kontakbesonderhede beskik. Registreer asb. op die onderstaande skakel en verseker dat u deel bly van Struisieland.


Membership is for any past and present Struisie parents, learners and educators.

Good supporters of Struisies can obtain membership subject to the approval of the Management.

Membership belongs exclusively to the membership card holder and is not transferable.

Membership is for life, unless the member resigns or the management club terminated the membership.

Any member who does not pay his membership fee within three months from the due date, will lose the privileges of membership.

Advantages of Membership

Struisie Legend Supporters Club jacket at discount on registration.

Discount with the purchase of any other Struisie Legend items.

Special discount when you book the facility for a function.

Life long membership to the Supporters Club.

Preference when you would like to obtain tickets for special functions.

Personal invitations to sport and cultural meetings and the get-togethers thereafter.

Any other privilege that can be decided by the Management from time to time.

Aim of Supporters Club

To be a part of the Struisie tradition that is unique to Oudtshoorn High School.

To give something back to you as the loyal parent / old learner to show our appreciation.

To keep contact with you and in this way extend our tradition even further.

Oudtshoorn High School is the only beneficiary from funds that are generated from this supporters club.

The aim of the Struisie Legend supporters club is to strengthen the relationship between the old learners, supporters, parents and educators.